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Workout of the Day: Set Up a Challenge

March 28, 2020


Here in Silicon Valley we’re starting our second week of shelter-in-place. Now that we’re past the initial shock of how much life had changed, it’s a good time to set a fitness challenge. Not only is the weather now nicer, but setting physical goals can give us purpose and keep us strong for when life returns to normal.

So that’s today’s workout, to set a fitness challenge you know you can achieve in the coming weeks. Then start with basic exercises that will start you on your journey.

I’d like to thank my long-time trainer and instructor friend, David Toy, for giving me the idea for this post by sharing his own challenge:


Road bike rides, (Strava does my mileage tracking for me).
1-2+ hours daily
Goals & Objectives: Reduce stress, stay active, get fresh air, and stay fit.
Week 1 results: reduced 2.2 lbs.


Seek Help


Here’s David’s contact info., should you like to get his help in devising your own fitness challenge.


I will assist with a beginner-to-expert program based on their fitness level and exercises they’re capable of doing safely at home.
All 55-minute sessions will be by appointment only on, 1 to 1, gratis and/or $10 donations to, or charity of your choice.

David Toy

If you have friends, family or other fitness professionals you can consult, please do so! Now is the time to plan and seeking out experience can help you devise an efficient program.

Devise Your Own



If you want to set up your own challenge, check out the variety of resources based on your fitness interests. Here are some of many examples:








Once you’ve set your challenge, you can start a program to move you toward building the strength and stamina to reach your goal, a topic I’ll discuss tomorrow.

Happy working out to meet your 2020 Challenge!

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