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Workout of the Day: List of Inexpensive Home Equipment

March 26, 2020

I’ve received a number of requests regarding what equipment to buy to 1) vary home workouts and 2) maintain and increase muscle growth.

So today’s workout is twofold:

  1. Read through this list of equipment. Determine what tools you have; what you want to add and you can afford; and what substitutes you can find around the house. To give you an idea of how versatile these items are, I’m including a link to a 30-min. YouTube workout video for each piece of equipment.
  2. Consider choosing a piece of equipment you already have and trying one of the video workouts, which will broaden your view about the tool’s use.

Note that most of the items are small, lightweight, inexpensive and can be easily stored (or packed in suitcases when you travel!). As for the stability ball, the item makes a great alternative desk chair!


Long resistance tube



resistance tube photo_


The thicker the tube, the harder it is to pull. Typically one tube of medium strength is enough. The cost is about $10.

30-minute workout for resistance tube



Circle tube




A circle band can either go around the feet or ankles, or be pulled using the hands. The thicker the band, the harder it is to stretch. Such bands will often come in a pack like this for about $10.

30-minute circle resistance band workout


Jump rope





If you don’t already have a jump rope, there’s a good chance you’re not a serious jump roper (yet!). If so, all you need is a basic rope with sturdy handles, which sells for between $15-25. Make sure to choose a length that’s appropriate for your height.

Consider first bettering your jumping skills before you purchasing a weighted rope or a speed rope.

30-minute HIIT workout with jump rope



Light weights (or soup cans) and medium weights



flight ree-weights.jpg


Light weights are typically 2.5-lb to 5-lb. Because they’re light, you can hold them while doing faster motions, such as jumping jacks or kickboxing punches. They cost between $5-10 a pair. A marvelous and much less expensive substitute are a pair of soup cans.




You can also think about getting a pair of wrist weights that can double as ankle weights. This option allows you to leave your hands free in order to use another piece of equipment, like a medicine ball. The cost is around $25.


wrist weights.jpg


30-minute workout with light weights



free weights.jpg


Lastly, medium weights are a good investment because they encourage muscle growth through increased resistance. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pair based on whether you feel you could do 16 bicep curls, but have a really hard time finishing. Often you can get a package deal that gives you several weight size options.

30-minute strength workout with medium weights



20-lb kettle bell


kettle bell.jpg


Obviously you can choose the poundage you like, but a 20-lb bell can often be well-controlled and effective for most people when held in 2 hands. A basic bell of this size is about $30.

30-minute kettle bell workout



Stability ball


stability ball.jpg


A basic stability ball is about $15. Make sure you either have an air pump, or that the ball comes with a simple accordion-style foot pedal pump. Typically there are 3 sizes. Choose a ball you feel matches your height.

30-minute cardio stability ball workout









Gliders are a brand of equipment that are also called sliders. You step on the plates and they allow you to slide your feet, as seen in the photo. Be sure to choose the type based on what floor you have. Some plates have a side that works on carpet, while the other side allows you to slide on a wood or other non-carpet surface. A pair will cost between $10 and $25.

30-minute slider workout



Medicine ball


medicine ball.jpg


You don’t need a very heavy medicine ball to have fun or get a great workout. A 5- to 10-lb ball with a durable bouncy rubber exterior should be plenty. This item is typically in the $30-40 range.

30-minute HIIT medicine ball workout



Happy working out!

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