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Fun Home Gym Equipment: 8 Items for Your Wish List

December 27, 2019


I had the extreme pleasure of visiting my friend and fellow-trainer Daniel Fenwick at his Small Box Fitness in Santa Cruz. Though working within the space of his garage, through his organization, he’s managed to create a fitness junkie’s dream workout room. After a looooong visit, I had to share the goodies he demonstrated and that made me revert to that most youthful of pleas, “Let me try!”

Thanks, Dan, for your generosity in showing what tools others can purchase to make a home exercise space into a workout haven!

1. Club bells


They look and feel like weighted baseball bats. Don’t know how to use them? Here’s a YouTube video to give you an idea.


2. Stall bar


Besides being a great place to attach resistance tubes and other rope-type equipment, a stall bar affords a huge variety of very challenging exercises. Check out this post about How to Use Stall Bars for Strength Training and this YouTube video. Though most of these exercises are no doubt intimidating, there are, as with most difficult feats, a progression of moves that can eventually take you to something like the human flag:



3. Portable Cable Pulley

Check out this great little piece of equipment that can turn any bar into a cable machine. Though slightly different than Dan’s cable, here’s a YouTube video featuring a brand of cable that illustrates the basic concept and use.


4. Hanging Rope

Notice that the rope doesn’t have to be very long or high to do a lot of very challenging moves. Here are some YouTube examples.




5. Small Sled

The vertical bars, which can be used as handles to push or pull this sled, along with the smaller bar for loading weight plates, can be taken off, allowing for convenient storage. Dan also had harnesses and attachments that allow for more variety.



6. Landmine

I’m not sure how this weight bar anchoring system earned its name.


But you can see by the photo below how the anchor allows use of a heavy weight bar on the diagonal, which is fantastic for core work that involves lateral moves, both for strength and power. Here’s another video to demonstrate.



7. Mace

This piece of equipment makes you feel like a warrior!


Here’s a video of some beginner moves that will help you progress.


8. Stealth Core Trainer

So you know how holding a plank feels excruciating, partly because there’s little to keep your mind off of how hard you’re working? Well this moveable plank board allows you to place your phone just below your face. Once you’ve loaded the free Stealth app on your phone, you can place a game that requires you to tilt the board to hit the targets and so earn points. The game has a leaderboard that allows you to see where you rank among other users. I guarantee you’ll last longer in a plank just trying to win those points!


Thanks again, Dan, for sharing all of your toys.

And to everyone else, I hope these give you new ideas to inspire your home workouts.

Happy working out!


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