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Plan your holiday fitness now!

November 12, 2018



The easiest way to make your holidays better is to workout daily. Doing so will decrease the stress of holiday planning and travel and of eating too much.

While those results are no secret, knowing how to plan ahead can be tricky. Fortunately there are many helpful online articles, including one by Cedric Bryant in U.S. News & World Report titled 8 Secrets to Staying Fit During the Holidays.

Here’s my list, some items of which are shared in the above article:


Plan one movement-oriented activity for every day

Make sure to put the activity on the calendar and your daily to-do list just as you would any other task. The activity can be as simple as walking to a favorite coffee shop with friends. When the activity is done, you’re happy from the endorphins circulating through your body, the fun you had with your friends and the satisfaction of checking the deed off of your list.


When you eat, enjoy yourself!

But remember that eating until you’re stuffed isn’t really all that enjoyable. The fullness is uncomfortable and the guilt of eating too much is never worthwhile. Therefore, consider eating only one plate of food at each meal, which means taking only normal portions of food. If anything looks too tasty to pass up, put some aside for yourself to enjoy at another meal. If you’re the host, that’ll be easy. If you’re a guest, hosts are only too happy to let you take food home. You’ll get to look forward to eating something delicious, you’ll save food from being thrown out and you won’t suffer any food guilt.


Plan active outings you’ve always wanted to try, but don’t normally have time for

One of the beautiful things about the holidays are those treasured vacation days that allow you to do activities that take more time.

I’d heard about kayaking at Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing for years until I remembered the recommendation while planning for my holiday fun. I made an online reservation through the nearby outfitting company then followed the instructions about what to bring. The day proved amazing! I’m happy to say I now know what a raft of otters looks like.




Other ideas:

  • Take a trampoline class through a sports center like Sky High Sports.
  • Rent a bike through a company like Adventures by the Sea in Monterey and ride along the coast.
  • Go with friends to that pole dancing class you’ve always wanted to try. Someone recently recommended Entangle and Sway in San Francisco.
  • Plan a long hike to a beautiful location like Joshua Tree National Park that’s farther away than you can normally travel.


I’ll be offering a Turkey Burn Bootcamp at 9:30 a.m. on Fri., Nov. 23, at Bandley ($15 a person, 6 people minimum). If you’d like to join, email me at by Tues., Nov. 20.

If you’re not a member of my gym, however, invite some friends over or recruit some family members and hold your own Turkey Burn!Thanksgiving13-Workout



Happy working out during the holidays!



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One Comment
  1. Joanna Nowak permalink

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon! Martha, wonderful to hear from you every now and then. I always enjoy nuggets of wisdom in your missives. I trust all is well in your world, and you and the family are all doing great.

    You may or may not know that Romek and I have lived in Portland for the last two years. We’d decided to mix things up a bit, packed up 30 years of life in the Bay Area suburbs to try urban lifestyle. Happy to report that we love it! In fact we have best of both worlds, we we live here and travel to the Bay Area every five weeks to visit kids (Maya and Adam live in San Francisco) and see clients.

    One of delightfully surprising and life-enhancing experiences in PDX has been my taking up modern dance. These days I dance 5+ hours per week and I absolutely love it. What keeps me in good shape (for dance and … XC skiing!) is a super effective conditioning/injury prevention class I take at my dance studio — it’s at the intersection of yoga, Pilates, ballet/dance and strength training, called The Ellové Technique .

    The whole experience has been really great for my body and for my soul. It actually made me remember how life changing my work with you had been after my ACL surgery back in Cupertino. So in the spirit of life changing experiences and your tireless pursuit for best and most fun whole body movement experiences, I thought it would be fantastic to connect two amazing athletes, dancer, and beautiful souls — You and Laura Haney, my dance and The Ellové Technique teacher.

    In fact Laura will be in the Bay Area to introduce The Ellové Technique at 1440 Multiversity . She will also teach movement at MoneyZen program I’ll be attending. So I thought that if you have time/interest in meeting somewhere in San Jose/ Cupertino area on 01/04 it would be fantastic to visit (we land at SJC around 2pm).

    Here is more info about the event at 1440 and links to Laura and The Ellové Technique. Can’t wait to hear your take on it and see if a short visit on the 01/04 is in the cards.


    Whether we get a chance to visit or not on 01/04 it would be great to plan XC ski.

    > > >

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