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Lifelong Nutrition and Weight Management Help

May 7, 2015

Improving one’s own nutrition and weight management for life sounds like one big item most people have on their “to do” list. The doing often never gets done, however, because instead of being a one-step process — “I decide I’m going to eat better and lose weight” — the task is 100 – 200 steps long.

That’s because the journey is:

1. different for each person

2. entails discovering — and correcting — all the tiny errors we all make on a regular basis regarding 1) what to eat, 2) how much to eat, and 3) how much exercise is necessary to keep the body strong and the caloric equation (calories in = calories out) correct

3. deciding on eating patterns and choices that are individual to each person’s lifestyle

It’s no wonder a recent study published in the April 7 Annals of Internal Medicine found that Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig — two long-term programs that help people work through the above issues — were better at helping people lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

But increasingly people are relying on personal coaches who provide regular support and accountability, either in-person or online.

Besides the many excellent personal trainers I know, who regularly supply their clients with nutrition information, advice and ideas, here are two other coaches who are providing individualized attention:

Laurie Hartman Aiello

Laurie Hartman Aiello

Laurie Hartman Aiello

I heard about Laurie from one of my class participants. When I asked her to send me some information, she wrote:

As an independent BeachBody coach, I provide support through online accountability groups based upon either a particular fitness program or clean-eating.  I connect people with home workout programs that they can do at their own convenience, ensuring that they have the tools to help bring them closer to their goal(s)… I offer support by creating a welcoming and accepting atmosphere in my online groups that allow people to stay accountable while gaining encouragement and motivation from others that are working towards similar goals.  Most importantly, I believe that everyone can achieve a healthier lifestyle and I am here to help in every step of the way because I know that it is easier to have the support and motivation of a coach, friend, and a personal cheerleader.
She added that BeachBody is the umbrella company for some of the top workout programs like the Tony Horton’s P90X series, ShaunT’s Insanity.
Laurie offers clean-eating challenges and fitness challenge groups every month. You can find out more via her Facebook page.
Sherian Lee
Sherian Lee

Sherian Lee

Besides a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Sherian (based in Sunnyvale, CA) has the added benefit of having a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Owner of Best Self, she offers 3 services: personal training, coaching and walking therapy.
Regarding coaching, she writes:
Coaching provides the support you need to create specific goals, structure your environment, and help you be accountable.
Her coaching packages include those targeted at handling ADD, learning assertive communication and learning how to live healthfully, including how to eat well and workout to achieve great physical and mental health.
In her walking therapy, she takes therapy off a sedentary couch and outside where she walks with clients while they discuss the challenges they face.
Your time is valuable. Walking Therapy accomplishes three things at once: working on improving yourself, physical exercise, and connecting with nature. The research on walking therapy shows that thought process, feelings, and emotions become clearer enabling you to reframe and move through issues in a timely manner. You will feel more grounded, connected, and clearer while participating in nature walking therapy. Afterwards, you will likely feel revitalized, happier, and have a sense of accomplishment!
 Right on!
Other Ideas
  • LoseIt! allows people to share their weekly eating and fitness information for review by friends/trainers/coaches.
  • You can look for coaches via the National Society of Health Coaches.
  • The Rise nutrition coaching app pairs people with real coaches
The Bottom Line
More and more, people are understanding the development of a nutrition and fitness plan unique to each person’s life is what leads to longterm healthy living. Expect to see more coaching and accountability-based apps that help everyone find his/her answer to living a healthier life.
Happy working out!

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