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Fitness Fun for Your Day Off

August 2, 2012

Often our days off are filled with a lot of chores we have trouble getting done during the work week: shopping, banking, washing clothes, etc.

But if at all possible, consider blocking out an hour or two of your day for a fitness adventure: some activity or class you’ve always wanted to try, but can’t fit into your work week. While it might take you a little preparation to learn the what, where and cost, and make a reservation if necessary, the effort can really pay off in terms of giving you something to look forward to while taking you out of your usual and well-known world where you’re apt to learn something new.

Since I rarely recommend what I don’t do myself, here are some adventures I’ve done on my days off:

• surfing lessons

• cycling new road routes

• trying classes at different CrossFit gyms

• attending different yoga studio

I love to pass along such ideas, so here are three new ones:


Rope Climbing

Recently while visiting family on the East Coast, I had the chance to attend a class at CrossFit Cheshire in Connecticut. I walked into the gym to find three thick ropes hanging from the ceiling. Lo and behold, rope climbing was part of that day’s workout. I’d never climbed a rope before, much less to 20 feet off the ground, but it turned out to be a hoot!

The instructor did a great job of giving me the cues necessary to succeed, such as how to wrap the rope around my feet so I could use leg strength to move me up the rope, rather than all upper body strength. He also coached me on how to lower myself efficiently and safely.

While I know most of you are California folks, consider checking out local CrossFit gyms, since every one can offer some new and interesting experience.







One of my clients takes boxing lessons from Daniel Tanori, who owns Elite Physiques in Mountain View.

Unlike many gyms, Daniel doesn’t charge a membership fee, monthly dues or any initiation fee. Just call and talk to Daniel to arrange a time to meet. When I talked to him, he said he’s happy to work with people individually or in small groups, so the next time your husband, wife, partner, friend asks what you want to do for fun, smile and say, “Boxing!”

He also offers personal training, bootcamps and other instruction.







On Sun., Aug. 5, I’m signed up for a 3-hour AcroYoga workshop at Just Breathe {yoga} in Santa Clara, CA.

Get a load of the description (and the photo!):

All levels, all ages, all people are welcome to join the AcroYoga Community. This class provides a safe environment to explore trust, connection and playfulness. Amy will combine elements from Yoga, Acrobatics, and Thai Massage healing arts. The class can include: asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions, basic partner acrobatics, therapeutic flying and Thai massage. No yoga experience required, no partner needed.


I’ll continue to pass along interesting fitness adventure ideas as I find them and as you recommend them. May your next day-off fitness adventure be… adventurous!

Happy working out.

  1. I’ve got to get back to yoga. I quit when our son moved home. Nothing like setting everything up just as a “male” decides to sit on the sofa and watch. Egads.

  2. That would be intimidating!

    I am really curious about the “acro” part. It seems that nowadays there are all sorts of twists on yoga. I’m waiting for the “culinary delight” class, a yoga session followed by a gourmet dinner.

    • After we sell our house and move to NB, I’m going to join a yoga class; I may even teach T’Chi again. As a writer, I’m far too sedate. Most days my butts in a chair and stays there until dinner. Not good. That’s why I’m so impressed with all you accomplish, Martha. The best part of living in or near a city, I hope.

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