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An Ideal Website About Ideal Body Weight

August 5, 2011

I’ve perused a number of websites regarding ideal body weight. The one I like best is posted by Rush University Medical Center.

The website offers both a body weight chart, and at the bottom, a place where you can input your own height, weight and gender to determine whether you’re within a healthy range or not.

What I like most about the chart is that it demonstrates how acceptable weight ranges are no longer narrow, i.e., within a few pounds of a certain number. Instead, the range for each height is between 20 and 30 pounds (though less for very short people). While such a big  span may seem to be too large, that kind of range reflects realistic differences in people’s anatomical makeup, both in terms of bone mass and body structure such as limb length and hip width.

If you’re within your ideal range, but feel overweight, the reasons could be due to your structure — for example, you know you have a narrow and/or petite  build — and the way you see yourself, in that you used to weigh less and so compare yourself to that past number.

Remember that a large part of your health is not just being within a  weight range that reflects your structure, but also the condition of your muscles. If you’re well within your ideal weight range, but rarely work out and so have little muscle mass, consider upping your fitness level via more workouts. If you’re not within your ideal range, but are working out regularly, know you’re starting from a strong base of fitness as you work to reduce your weight.

And just as an aside, I don’t advocate weighing in more than once a week. More often than that can cause people to fixate on small fluctuations based on fluid retention, and so go up and down emotionally, which can negatively affect morale,  rather than focus on the bigger and more desired trend of a regular, gradual reduction of weight.

Happy working out.



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