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Workout of the Day: Do Like an Athlete and Chuck Logs

Ryan Murphy By Jack Spitser

Swimmer Ryan Murphy

Like everyone else, athletes are stuck at home and have to innovate to keep themselves in shape.

For today’s workout, consider following in their lead. Even if you can’t do exactly as they do, they offer some great inspiration along with ideas that can be amended for the rest of us mortals.


HomeCourt app

In the article Virtual training of youth athletes explodes during Covid-19 Shutdown, author Jon Solomon wrote that as of March 24, the HomeCourt basketball app, which uses a cell phone camera to record and analyze movement, was ranked the No. 1 free sports app in Apple’s App Store

HomeCourt tracked two million dribbles a day in 180 countries during the week of March 16, up four times from the previous week, according to Alex Wu, HomeCourt vice president of strategy and partnerships.

The article mentions these other sports apps that are among the top 35: Techne Futbol (soccer), Rack Performance (weight training), SmartCoach Basketball Training, TopYa! Soccer, DribbleUp Soccer and DribbleUp Basketball.

All of these apps have drills that can be performed in a home setting.



Zwift is a home training app that links cyclists and runners around the world. The recommendation came from Training Peaks, a company aimed at endurance training programs for athletes and coaches. The company has posted a list of other resources under it’s Info for Athletes page.


Be Creative With What You’ve Got at Home

In the article How athletes are staying in shape during the Covid-19 Pandemic, author Mike Shulman writes:

Serge Ibaka is running laps up and down the hallway of his condo. Max Domi is doing hockey keep ups while balancing on an exercise ball. Ilya Kovalchuk is squatting with his wife on his shoulders. James Connor is hucking logs.

While you don’t have to throw longs, you get the idea! Think of a creative ways to work out, i.e., get in a plank position, put rags under your hands and push them around to clean your floor.


View Videos Athletes Share

The Olympic Channel has posted a number of short videos athletes are sharing to give you an idea of what they’re doing to stay in shape, from stretches to active workouts.

Swimmer Ryan Murphy reiterates that need-to, can-do attitude in a USA Today article:

So getting creative with what you have at your disposal. Like, I was doing pull-ups on a tree the other day. I was pushing my car up the street in neutral. Getting creative like that is fun and breaks up the monotony of regular training. So from a physical standpoint, I really don’t think we’re going to miss a beat.

Don’t forget to check out the embedded video of Murphy pushing that car!


Newly inspired, I’m off to huck a log. Not really, but I’ve been known to lift chairs in the absence of hand weights.

Happy working out like a home-bound athlete!


Workout of the Day: Go Mad on the Add-On!


As most of you know, an add-on is a workout pattern. You do one exercise and a second exercise, then go back to 1 + 2 and add on a third exercise and keep going for as many rounds as you like.

For the visual among us:


  • 1 + 2
  • 1 + 2 + 3
  • 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 (etc.)


The pattern is very flexible, in that you can choose whatever exercises you and so vary every workout.

I typically do 10 reps of each exercise, or a drill for 1 minute. I’ll do anywhere up to 10 rounds, with the total depending on 1) the difficulty of the exercise, 2) the amount of resistance I’m using, and 3) how much time I have.

As always, take the breaks you need and if you decide to only go to round 6 or 7, fine!


An Example of a Basic Strength Add-On

Weights: Use medium weights, which means able to do 16 rounds of bicep curls, but have trouble finishing. If you don’t have weights at home, fill two milk jugs with the amount of water that gives you the desired resistance. Make sure to screw on the caps!

For this workout, do 10 reps of each exercise. I have photos below of exercises you may not know.


This is what the rounds will look like

Round 1: Squats + pushups

Round 2: Squats + pushups + clean and press

Round 2: Squats + pushups + clean and press + alt. lunges with lateral delt lift (etc.)


Here’s the list of exercises


1. Squats


2. Pushups


3. Clean and press



4. Alternating lunges with lateral deltoid lift (each lunge is 1 rep)

lunges with lateral deltoid lifts.jpg

5. Sit-ups


6. Planks with side-to-side jump (or step) (right + left = 1 rep)


7. Side lunge with row (each lunge is 1 rep)


8. Supine alternating chest press (you can lay on the floor)



9. Sumo squat with front deltoid lift (hold weights)


10. Rock to a stand (or rock to a seated position, use weights)

rock-up, reverse burpee.jpg


Happy adding on!


Workout of the Day: Stretch and Align

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Dr. David Odom, physical therapist, owner of Flux Formula

I’ve heard from many of you that you’re working out every other day, if not every day. Fantastic! Learning to be an independent exerciser is a skill that will last a lifetime. And by independent, I mean self-motivated to workout while keeping your list of movement options varied to keep interest high.

Sometimes amidst our HIIT workouts, biking, boxing, running, weightlifting and other high-intensity training, we forget to squeeze in a session of stretching, alignment, or yoga, which often achieves both.

Below you’ll find two resources: one for alignment and the other for yoga. Consider working them into your weekly fitness regimen!


Stretching vs. Alignment

Stretching is elongating muscles so they remain flexible, rather than shrinking and tightening, which can lead to strains and tears during movement.

Alignment is when we make sure our joints are lined up properly so we don’t cause imbalances. Jutting one hip forward more than the other, for example, can lead to problems with the low back, hip flexors and hamstrings.



My friend and fellow mover Rasa, who’s contributed a number of idea over the last week, recently told me that while she stretches, she never thought to work on her alignment until she found Dr. David Odom. A physical therapist, he owns Flux Formula, which offers online alignment programs an in-person therapy. David travels the world with sports teams and entertainers to help them prevent injuries.

He offers a 7-day mobility program he’s recently discounted to $19 and that offers:

  • 7 Daily Mobility Exercise Videos.

  • 5 exercises per video
  • 10 minutes or less per video
  • Bodyweight only

The idea is to fold these movements into your weekly workout regimen.



While yoga is one category of movement, there are a variety of styles that emphasize different aspect of fostering mind-body connection. Yin yoga, for example, emphasizes breathing while use props and gravity to help us stretch. Instead of sitting with outstretched legs and reaching for our toes to stretch our hamstrings, we can lay on our backs and put our legs up the wall, gaining the stretch, but reducing the effort.

Most other types of yoga, however, employ poses that require combining strength training, stretching and alignment.

Fellow instructor Adam “Stunt guy” Sewell owns Yoga Belly Studio and is now offering a variety of online classes. For more information about the classes he’s offering, contact him.


More Free Facebook Live Workouts

If you haven’t already, consider checking out the free online classes offered by these fellow instructor friends:

Marie Geilens

Gini Bellawall

Penni Ahrens-Berticevich


Happy working out!




Workout of the Day: Get Glam-Fit With 10 Celebs

Sometimes we need not just a little movement pick-me-up, but instead a workout with our favorite celebs that can leave us in that special limelight after-glow.

Enjoy the glitter these glammers can bring to your day!


Ashley Graham


Thank Bod Workout on YouTube



Doug the Pug


Planet Fitness Workout With Doug the Pug on YouTube


Mark Wahlberg


This YouTube workout is from 2017, but still really good.


Joe Wicks


This celebrity trainer offers free workouts on his YouTube channel, The Body Coach.


Khloe Kardashian


Full Workout Routine on YouTube



Zac Efron


Zac Efron has posted a number of workout videos on his Gym Time YouTube channel. They’re often with small group trainings, but they’re entertaining and can give you ideas about how to spruce up your home workouts.

Happy getting in shape to sprint down your life’s red-carpet runway!



Workout of the Day: Martial Arts Circuit


Today’s workout comes from fellow fitness friend and cat lover, Linda, who writes:

I came up with this taekwondo drill exercise – reminiscent of my high school days. I’ll be doing it twice a week between my body weight training (I invested in a pull up bar and parallel bars!) and yoga days.

Thank you, Linda, for taking the time to write down the workout and share!

If you’ve been upping the ante by better adapting to the shelter-at-home situation by increasing the number, intensity and variety of your workouts — as Linda and others have! — email me!


Before you start: basic moves

I’m including photos of the moves you may not know:


windmill toe touches



plank with shoulder touches


plank with shoulder tap 2.jpg


side lunches

side lunges.jpg


forward bend

forward bend.jpg


front kick



back kick












20 reps each

  • Chase after cat for up to 30 seconds (Martha’s note: If you don’t have a pet, substitute a child or other housemate. And try not to chase them in a scary way 🙂
  • Windmill toe touches
  • Squats
  • Plank shoulder touches
  • Side bend both sides
  • Forward bend


10 reps each side (right + left = 1 rep)

  • Forward  lunges
  • Side lunges
  • Backward lunges




10 reps each leg (right + left = 1 rep)

3 sets each: rest between each set

  • Front kick
  • Side kick
  • Roundhouse
  • Back kick


Combo kicks

20 reps each

3 sets each: rest between each set

  • Right front kick, back left kick
  • Left front kick, back right kick
  • Right round house, left side kick
  • Left round house, right side kick



After that, you get to cool down and stretch

Happy kicking up a storm!


Workout of the Day: What Fitness Apps Have You Tried?

People recommend their favorite fitness apps to me on a regular basis. Now it’s time to share them with you!

Which have you tried? What do you recommend? Do you even use apps?


Top Cardio Apps



HIIT and Cardio Workout by Fitify


Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 10.11.18 AM.png

Cardio and strength training workouts: Obe Fitness



Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts



For running: Couch to 5K



Tracker for cycling: Wahoo


Strength Training



Peloton Digital






Nike Training Club








Yoga, Pilates, meditation: Glo




Yoga Workouts by Daily Burn



Martial Arts



Boxing Interval Timer


Happy app-ing out!

Workout of the Day: Dance Party!


John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever

I know as soon as I mention dance party, 90% of those reading this post will stop reading.

Consider otherwise!

Why? Because dance is simply getting crazy in a fitness-kind-of way without involving the police. Besides such heebie-jeebie-release parties are a great way to witness the dance styles of those with whom you’re sheltering-in-place. There’s a good bet they’ll look funnier than you, which is awesome, because you’ll burn an extra 45 calories just by laughing.


Man laughing Hard Bully Expression and Pointing Forward

And a note for those of you who love to dance: Sadly, there’s nothing more to read. Now that I’ve reminded you about this most excellent activity, you’ll no doubt be off to change into your dancing attire — something with a little sequins is always appropriate — to either boogie  to your favorite tunes or put on your favorite dance video.

Godspeed to you, my children!

I’m off to convert the hard cases…



Jon Heder in Napolean Dynamite

Number of People

You only need 1 person, yourself. Very handy!

A solo dance party is the equivalen of singing in the shower. Simply close the curtains, banish any housemates to another part of the domicile, and have at it.

If you’re not as shy, go in search of recruits. With the stay-in-place mandate still underway, there’s little worry about drawing a crowd big or loud enough to make the neighbors complain. Well, the part about the group size is true.


Children are shoe-in invites, though make sure not to trip over them. Likewise, dogs or other enthusiastic pets make a fine addition, so long as they don’t get too excited and pee on your floor.



Music is a good idea, unless you’re good at singing while you dance. If the group consists of more than just you, however, that option will only work if the other attendees enjoy your singing.

Music ideas:

  • If you’re by yourself, play your favorites, because there’ nobody around to complain!


  • Have each person pick a tune. If your other participants are pets, remember most enjoy a snappy song.



  • I don’t have anyone musical in my family, but you might! Make them play the sax they haven’t played since 6th grade. Extra points for anyone who can plunk out a tune on the ukulele. If someone knows how to play the piano and is willing to perform your favorite show tunes, have at it!


The Dare

As promised, for those of you who hate to dance…

If you’re low on confidence regarding your physical abilities and worry about what you might look like while dancing, feel free to do as my husband and simply sway in place.

Or consider inviting someone who’s dancing is so humorous, you’ll take succor in knowing you’re not the craziest looking one on the dance floor and so join in.

And then there are those of you who are high-achievers. If you’ve compiled an impressive number of wins in other areas of your life, but have never won the John Travolta Award, this is your chance! And remember, the less comfortable you are in taking on an activity, the greater the reward when you pierce that pinnacle!


Not exactly a John Travolta Award, but close!


And if that doesn’t work, and you’re like the high-achievers I know who can’t resist a dare—

I dare you.

And remember to pics.

And send them to me.


Happy dancing!